Ultimate, is the chosen name to sum up the mix of 23 karat edible gold and Alba white truffle aroma's infused into premium Italian Acacia honey from the coast of Garda Lake to create a beautiful, sweet truffle & gold indulgence.

The 23k gold gives the luscious touch to an already superb white truffle honey.

Research shows that Gold was eaten by Emperors, Kings and the High class society in Europe and Asia, believing in itís positive power, increasing economic prosperity and fortune and to show off their status while entertaining their most valued guests.

The unusual pairing of white truffle and honey was made only in heaven, now available on earth you can find this combination that is just amazing over a cheese plate (On brie, machego, labne, Parmesan or grana padano and gorgonzola) or drizzled over ice cream and fresh fruit.
Its savory earthiness is delicious with cured meats, cheeses, and crusty bread, or for basting meats and game birds. Ultimate is irresistible on anything it is combined with. Use your imagination

Order ULTIMATE for your own pleasure or for a gift to a family member or valued friend.
This luxurious is produced only for ITALTOUCH.

ULTIMATE 120 grams Jar / packed 6 pc per x case (labels in English & Arabic) AED 250.00

UKTIMATE 400 gram Jar / packed 6pc per case (labels in English & Arabic) AED 800.00