This is one of the few products in the Italtouch line that does not contain truffle. We are aware that truffles do not please everyone palates all the time. Some customers donít want their breakfast or cake with a robust truffle flavor, but still want to enjoy eating and presenting their dish with Italian Acacia honey and gold flakes.

Aside from using Acacia honey for sweetening drinks or as a spread on bread, studies have shown that it also has an amazing power to heal and act as a medicine. Since it contains fructose which is a type of sugar, temporary energy boosters are then provided to individuals who have taken. It can also increase appetite and recovery.

This honey is an excellent antimicrobial substance. These excellent properties have resulted due to the hydrogen peroxide production as the honey is made. Furthermore, aside from it antimicrobial properties, research has also shown that honey also contains antioxidant properties as well as essential vitamins and minerals.

Among types of honey the Acacia Honey is both tasty and healthy, its properties making it the perfect alternative for sugar.

SUBLIME is made adding 23 karat gold flakes to the top Acacia honey from Lake Garda hills in Italy.

Used best as a cheese pairing, serve it on toasted bread or on dates and wow all your guests.

It makes a wonderful gift and presented at weddings & Honeymoons

120 grams jar / packed 6 per case
(label in English & Arabic) 110 AED