A true chef secret. Chef taste is the most appreciated truffle oil around. No fear of any of the competitors, you can use this truffle oil with confidence. An essential item for any well-stocked kitchen, Italtouch's white truffle oil is made with pure, first-pressed Italiano olive oil and Italian white truffle essence for an intense aroma with notes of garlic. Its headiness and complex flavor will inspire greatness in the kitchen. Just remember that when it comes to truffle oil, a little bit goes a long way.

Many chefs use truffle oil in dishes with real truffles in order to carry the distinctive flavor throughout the dish. Even if you don't have the rare and expensive white truffle, you can enjoy the essence with this oil.

This dressing made with Italian virgin olive oil and infused truffle aroma adds an excellent, refined flavor of the white truffle of Alba to all your dishes. Wonderful when used just before serving on risottos, meats and poultry, pastas and a finishing touch for eggs, potatoes, fondue, Carpaccio, pizzas. Use your imagination to create a dish to remember.

Available for restaurant & retail size:
250 ml/ 8.8oz 12/case

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